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Animals at the Zoo

This week, children explore animals at the zoo and have some outdoor fun! New interactive games and activities from Curious World are available this week along with new songs on Billy's Playlist and plenty of animal-themed fun. From social-emotional intelligence and empathy to leadership, the corresponding activities will be highlighted throughout this week's unit and additional resources. If you have questions or comments on this site, click here

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Curly Flower Petals

Cut recycled paper into thin pieces. Roll each piece around a pencil. After curling all pieces, gather them together and tape them onto a cardboard “stem.” Paint the stem and flower petals.

San Diego Zoo Arts & Crafts

Check out the wide variety of animal-themed arts and crafts provided by the San Diego Zoo.  

Billy's Playlist

Billy® the duck has added songs about animals and their habitats to his playlist! Sing along with Billy to new songs like "Sleepy Sloth" and "In the Habitat" here.

How to Make: Sea Jellies (Curious World)

Create your own jiggly, wiggly, jellyfish with How to Make: Sea Jellies!  

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Busy Bumble Bees

Using the bee finger puppets, reinforce the sound for letter “b” by creating fun bee rhymes and emphasizing the /b/ sound each time you say a word starting with the letter b.

Curious World: Language and Literacy

• This fun, rhyming read-aloud retells Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the classic children's story of a little girl who makes herself at home in the bears' house while they are away.   

• Oh no! The animals at the zoo have escaped. Help the zoo keeper put the animals back into their cages with Zoo Animal Sign Match!  

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Oil and Water Don't Mix!

Create exploration bottles using cooking oil, food coloring and water (equal parts water and cooking oil and a few drops of food coloring). Seal the lid and then reinforce with duct tape. Gently tip the bottle to show the various layers of oil and water.  

Paper Animal Food Chain

Cut paper into small sections that will eventually be folded into a paper chain. Start by drawing an animal on one piece of paper. Next, draw several types of foods that this animal eats. Hook each food to the animal that eats that food. (Example: a hawk eats snakes; snakes eat mice; mice eat insects, etc.). Continue with several additional animals. Hook all the chains together and create one large animal food chain!  

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Arctic Explorer (Curious World)

Meet a pod of whales, see the underside of an iceberg, and visit a polar bear family in Arctic Explorer!  

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Animal Ball Toss

Using a small ball, act like various animals and toss or move the ball back and forth like the animal. For example, use your arm like an elephant’s trunk and swing it back and forth as you toss the ball, or get on all fours like a cheetah and bat the ball between your paws.

Curiosityville: Lion Discovery (Curious World)

In Lion Discovery, kids pretend to go through mud, grass, and a river in search of a big lion.

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Shape Match

Print two copies of the 2D shape activity sheet. To play, lay out all shapes flat with the image facing down. Flip one card at a time, name the shape, and then try to find the match. When a match is found, take both shapes, and put into a separate pile. Continue until all shape matches have been found. (Older children may print two copies of the 3D shapes activity sheet to add in and make more matches.)

Barn Number Sequence

Cut out each of the number barns to represent numbers 1-10. Next, place each barn in sequential order. (For children who are ready for larger numbers, draw or print additional barns and add more numbers to sequence.) 

Download Activity
Download Activity

Og's Story Time

Listen to "Chester’s Way" by Kevin Henkes read aloud by actresses Vanessa Marano and Katie Leclerc on Storyline Online. After reading, draw a picture of your friends doing fun things with you outside. At the end of the story, Victor moves into the neighborhood. Draw a picture of what you think will happen next. Write your own ending to the story.

Bonus Og's Story Time

This week, Susan Davis, author and Franchise Owner of Primrose Schools of Brentwood and Nashville Midtown, reads her book "Charlie Flips Rocks."

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Circle Time

Checking the Weather with Benjamin®

Benjamin the bear is happiest when he is playing outdoors! Have your child look out the window and give a weather report for the day with Benjamin. Sing along here!


Each week we'll be giving a new challenge to take on with your very own Paper Percy. Percy loves to show kindness to those who are courageous. Create a special “hug” and join thousands of children across the United States as they join all the hugs together to create one virtual HUG! Be sure to tag @PrimroseSchools with #PaperPercyChallenge on Instagram.

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Pledge of Allegiance

Each morning, we start our day with the Pledge of Allegiance. Say the Pledge with Percy®!

Demonstrating Courage

Showing courage means being brave even when you might be scared. For example, you might demonstrate courage when trying something new or overcoming a challenge. This week, work on courage and when you overcome a challenge or do something brave, color in your courage badge.      

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Curious World

We at Primrose are excited to announce a new partnership with Curious World, an early learning app that will give your children access to explore an ever-expanding world of curiosity-building fun. Each week, Primrose early education experts will curate Curious World’s games, videos, and activities to align with our weekly Online with Og theme. Your little ones will enjoy playing with online experiences that enhance curiosity and creativity and reinforce our Balanced Learning curriculum’s math, literacy, and social and emotional skills. Best of all, there’s no cost to play the games for Online with Og users.

• Help the frogs hop across the pond by finishing the lily pad pattern in 
Hop, Frog, Hop!

• Follow Kathy as she feeds and cares for all the animals in the zoo with 
Let's Go To Work: Zookeeper!

Additional Resources

More Activities 0-2 YearsMore Activities 3-7 Years

These additional resources provide even more activities to continue the learning for this week's theme!

Parent Resource: Learning to Write and Draw

This article discusses the stages children go through as they learn to write and draw. See which stage your child is in and learn how to help your child develop their skills at home.

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