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Og® the bookworm represents caring and literacy, and is the perfect Primrose Friend to bring your child's school experience to your home. Over the next few weeks, we will provide specially designed interactive activities for children and parents as we navigate at-home learning together. If you have questions or comments on this site, click here

Caring for Our World

This week, we’re exploring Our World, learning about conservation. Below are some at-home activities your child may do to enhance their understanding of recyclable materials that you may find in your own home!

Part of caring for our world is caring for others. To learn how the Primrose Schools Children’s Foundation is partnering with Save the Children to support children in the U.S. during this time of need, click 

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Og® the bookworm represents caring and literacy, and is the perfect Primrose Friend to bring your child's school experience to your home. Over the next few weeks, we will provide specially designed interactive activities for children and parents as we navigate at-home learning together. If you have questions or comments on this site, click here

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Build a Stamp

Create your own stamp out of recycled materials and then use it to make a beautiful work of art. Your child may build a stamp by wadding up, bending, or forming any recycled materials (such as plastic scraps, paper, bubble wrap, bottle caps, cardboard). These types of materials will add different textures, so talk with your child about the types of textures they see as they paint. Clipping clothespins to the stamps may help your child hold the material making it easier to paint. You may use any non-toxic paint for this activity.

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Produce Stand

Use play fruits and vegetables to create a produce stand. If you don’t have play fruits and vegetables, have some fun making your own out of paper! You can be extra creative and make 3D vegetables! Have your child choose fruits or vegetables from the produce stand and put them in their pretend grocery bags. Discuss that fruits and vegetables are parts of plants that grow from the ground. While interacting with your child, ask guiding questions such as: What fruits did you pick? Which vegetables do you like? What are you going to make with the fruits or vegetables?

Sights and Sounds

Experiment with sound by playing a variety of instruments at varying volumes (loud and soft). If you do not have musical instruments, create an instrument to play using household materials. Pie tins or clean, empty food containers make great instruments. Be creative! 

Billy's Playlist

Billy the duck playlists of his favorite songs abut caring! Click here to sing along!

Texture Rubbing Art

Explore the textures of various household items. Place a paper over the item. Then rub crayons on the paper to create a texture rubbing. Make texture rubbings of several household items. You may want to accompany your child and wander around the house with paper and crayon to rub the texture of larger items, or even go outside to make nature texture rubbings. Take time to observe the rubbings. Which textures made the most interesting patterns? Later in the week, your child may repurpose the texture rubbings by cutting them into strips and making a new piece of art by gluing the strips to a cardboard tube or empty cardboard container. 

Stories from the Garden

Display real or toy food at eye level for your child to see. Encourage them to tell, draw or write stories about what they see. For younger children who are not yet verbal, you can model vocabulary by explaining what you see and wait for their response. A smile or wide eyes show they are listening and interested. 

My Name is Special

Invite your child to explore the letters in their own name. Have fun “finding” the letters of their name throughout the house. Can your child find each of the letters in their name? Be creative with ways to record their letter findings. 

Og's Spring Selections

Og has added some Spring-themed books to this week's reading list! 


To stay connected to your school, your child may draw pictures of their school friends or write letters to them. 

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Animal Peek-a-Boo

Gather a collection of toys representing the outside world (animals, people, cars, etc.) and a scarf or tissue. Play peek-a-boo with the toys using the scarf or tissue. Show your child how to lift the tissue, say “peek-a-boo,” and then mimic the sound the animal makes. Ask your child if they want to play peek-a-boo with the animals. Play the game with several toy animals and change the game by lifting the tissue, say “peek-a-boo” and then identify the color of the animal or tell where the animal lives. 

Plastic Bottles

Fill a shallow container with water and include a few clean, recycled plastic bottles. Your child may use the cap for filling and pouring. While interacting, discuss the repurposing of the bottles. Explore how the bottles sink or float when they contain water and when they are empty. 

Recycle Water

Fill a shallow container with water. Your child may have free water play. When they are finished playing, use the cups to water plants. Discuss the impact of using the water for another purpose. Explain that although the water is not safe for humans to drink, it is safe to use to water plants. 

Hide and Find Toy Animals

Fill a shallow container with real or paper leaves. Add small toy animals to the leaves. Encourage your child to explore the leaves to find the animals. 

Clap, Clap, Clap!

Clap your hands! Mia's back with a new video. 

Bowling Cause & Effect 

Explore cause and effect by rolling balls to knock over plastic water bottles or paper towel rolls as pins. Start with one and two "pins". When they appear to have mastered two, add a third (and so on). Set up the "pins" in a triangle so they will all fall down together.

Mia's Workout Video

  Need to stretch? Mia the mouse has made a short workout video to help get the wiggles out! 

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Banana Split Bites

Get Recipe

Cherry Sherbert

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Matching Socks

Play a fun matching game to help make laundry time go faster! Encourage your child to find the matching socks and pair together. How quickly can your child make pairs? Use a timer for extra fun! Looking for more ways to involve your child in household chores?

Shape Sculpture

Create a shape sculpture out of modeling dough (or homemade salt dough). Encourage your child to begin building a base and create a variety of shapes to make an interesting sculpture design. Take photos of the sculpture and encourage your child to create an eBook describing the sculpture.  

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Jo's Story Time with Save the Children

This week's Og's Story Time is with Jo Kirchner, Chair of Primrose Schools Children's Foundation, as she shares one of her favorite books, "I Need a Hug" by Aaron Blabey. Click here to learn more about the Primrose Schools Children's Foundation's $100,000 pledge to Save the Children and our partnership with Save the Children to help provide children with the proper nutrition and educational resources they need during this crisis through #SAVEWITHSTORIES.

Og's Poem

"Making a Nest" by Danyell Ballou

Circle Time

Generosity with Benjamin the Bear

Primrose Friend Benjamin the bear loves to teach children about generosity! We are generous when we give without expecting anything in return. Practice generosity by engaging in activities like spending extra time playing with a sibling, helping with the laundry or another chore without being asked, or creating cards for a loved one. Talk about what you did today to make someone else's heart happy.


Each week we'll be giving a new challenge to take on with your very own Paper Percy. This week, use recycled materials (cardboard strips, cardboard tubes, tape, etc.) and build the tallest tower you can! Perch Percy at the very top of your tall tower and share your photos by tagging @PrimroseSchools on Instagram.

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Pledge of Allegiance

Click here to say the Pledge of Allegiance with Percy! 

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Engaging in dramatic play encourages cognitive development, creativity, language, physical development, and social-emotional development.

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