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From Here to There - Land Transportation

This week, children explore land transportation. Along with the fun Primrose activities, you will find transportation-themed experiences from Curious World about cars, trains, and other ways to move from place to place. 

From social-emotional intelligence and empathy to leadership, the corresponding activities will be highlighted throughout this week's unit and additional resources. This week we continue to focus on being a good citizen with Mia. If you have questions or comments on this site, click here

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Father's Day Craft

Father’s Day is June 21st. Choose from among the craft ideas below and create some wonderful memories for dad: 

•  Photo booth fun: Create some one-of-a-kind photo booth props. For example, using cardboard, cut out items such as ties, glasses, moustaches, etc., decorate the props with fun items that you find around the house. Attach each prop on a skinny dowel rod or craft stick and then have fun taking photos together. 

•  Best Dad badge: Decorate the “Best Dad" badge and present it on Father’s Day. 

•  Hug for Dad: Dip your child’s hands in non-toxic paint. Then place their hand onto paper to make handprints. Write a sweet message for Dad such as, This hug is for you because… (Write some special reasons your child likes to give dad hugs). 

Creative Expression: Curious World

•  Cut Out Cars: Use spectacular patterns and colors to make a collage vehicle, like a truck, a tractor, or a train! 

•  Sweet Tweets: The Wheels on the Bus: Sing along with the Sweet Tweets! From the wipers to the wheels, we all love this forever favorite. 

Billy's Playlist

Billy® the duck has added an all-new playlist about hitting the road, including "Go Little Truck" and "Driving My Little Car." Sing along here.

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Letter for Dad

Write a letter to Dad to let him know how much you love him! (Cut out paper in the shape that shows one of his interests for a fun way to celebrate Father’s Day!)

Curious World: Jingle Bilingual: Ride! Pasear!

Sing along with Kiki, Buzz, and their friends in English and Spanish as they take a ride in different vehicles.

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Flower Search

At this time of year, many flowers begin to bloom. On your next walk, do a flower search. Take photos of each different flower type and color that you see and make a book. While looking through the book, your child may identify the colors they see and the type of flower. Discuss how to be responsible when taking care of living things (such as flowers) and how plants help our environment.

My Truck

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and inventors use their imagination to design new vehicles. Using the Truck Parts template, cut out and design your own truck. Create your own parts from paper if you want to use your imagination and invent a new design. 

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Move Like a Vehicle

When outside, play fun movement games such as “Move Like a Vehicle.” To play, start moving along and pretend you are a car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle. Move in different directions (forward, backward, left, right, up, down). 

Zig Zag Car Track

Create a fun obstacle course track outside using sidewalk chalk. Pretend you are a car and “drive” through the course using zig zag, sideways, and backward motions when the course changes. Once you are skilled at that trail, try to slowly do it backwards!  

Vehicle Patterns

Use the car and train templates to make color patterns. Cut out each vehicle and choose two colors of markers or crayons. Color each vehicle alternating colors (example: red, blue, red, blue). Mix up the vehicles and make color patterns. For more complex patterns, make vehicle and color patterns (example: red car, red car, blue train, red car, red car, blue train).

Train Wheels 

Create the longest train you can using the train template and connect them together with tape or glue. Count the total number of wheels.  

Download Activity
Download Activity

Og's Story Time

This week, actor Chris Pine is reading "Clark the Shark" by Bruce Hale (from Storyline Online). After reading along, draw a picture showing how Clark’s friends feel on the top of the paper and draw a picture of how Clark feels at the bottom of the paper. Next, try writing a letter to Clark to give him some suggestions on how he can be a better friend. Clark gave himself rhyming reminders to help remember how to be a good friend, such as “Only munch your own lunch.” Make up your own rhyme to remind yourself how to be a good friend/sibling. 

Og's Story Time Playlist

Read some of Og's favorite books together with Og's Story Time playlist.

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Circle Time

Checking the Weather with Benjamin®

Benjamin the bear is happiest when he is playing outdoors! Have your child look out the window and give a weather report for the day with Benjamin. Sing along here!


Use your design thinking skills and imagination to create a land vehicle that Percy can ride in. Create safety features such as seatbelts or a car seat so Percy is safe while riding. Will it be a truck, car, train, or something truly unique? Share your creation and be sure to tag @PrimroseSchools with #PaperPercyChallenge on Instagram

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Pledge of Allegiance

Each morning, we start our day with the Pledge of Allegiance. Say the Pledge with Percy®!

Helping at Home

Teach your child ways to be a good “citizen” in your house by having them chip in with chores and practice kindness toward siblings or pets. Discuss how we are all responsible for helping in the house and in our community. For older children, think of some things that they can do around the house to be a good citizen (such as clean up, help with laundry, be kind to your sibling, etc.). Choose one task and write a pledge on the “My Pledge” template to complete that task every day during the week.     

Curious World

Each week, Primrose early education experts curate games, videos, and activities that align with our weekly Online with Og theme with our partners at Curious World. As a reminder, there’s no cost to play the games for Online with Og users.

Let's Go To Work: GarbagemanRide along with Efam as he picks up the trash and takes it to the dump. 

  Misho & Robin: Traffic JamMisho and Robin are hanging out in the yard when three little Owls swoosh by, each riding its own vehicle: tricycle, pedal car, and roller blades. Oh, no! Look out! Watch the video to find out what happens!

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Additional Resources

More Activities 0-2 YearsMore Activities 3-7 Years

These additional resources provide even more activities to continue the learning for this week's theme!

Parent Resource: Babies, Toddlers, and Early Reading

Learn how talking, having conversations, singing, and even coloring helps prepare your child for success! 

0-2 Years Downloadable Schedule3-7 Years Downloadable Schedule
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